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Wambui Ippolito brings a wealth of design and client managerial skills to our firm. Like the firm’s founder Jane Gil, she is a graduate of the prestigious New York Botanical Garden’s School of Professional Horticulture. Early in her career Wambui worked as a horticulturist at various high-end estates, including at Martha Stewart’s home in Bedford, New York. She has also worked with native plants at late- night media host David Letterman’s estate and manages a roster of private clients, including business, media, music and sports moguls.

Wambui won the USA’s PHS Flower Show by unanimous decision in 2021. Additionally, she was named as ‘One of 11 Revolutionary Female Landscape Architects and Designers’. 

While not designing, Wambui lectures and works with international organizations, museums and botanical institutions on program development. She has taught the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Grounds for Sculpture (New Jersey), and lectures nationwide. Wambui is married to a New Yorker and they are the parents of a rambunctious and very smart little girl.